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Mission statement

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This homepage is dedicated to information about tropical freshwater fish, plants and fishtanks. The primary goal is to share my own experiences from the aquarium hobby with other hobbyists, meanwhile I document these experiences for my own reference. Lately, I have not had time nor energy to expand or maintain the content, but since a major mistake on my own part in the end of 2017, I have spend many hours in 2018 to recreate and update the content, while also adding new features to the site. I hope that can continue at a reasonable pace in maintaining and expanding the site.

What's in a name

Logo billede. When I was contemplating a name for this site many years ago, I considered various combinations of my name and address to enable a decent email-address. I also considered names like ahli.dk and similar names to give visitors a better idea about the contents. After having used the name hojleddet.dk several years, I decided to change the name to Aquainfo.dk because this is what the site is about: Information and knowledge about the aquatic hobby.


The sources to the information you will find here, is primarily my own experiences and observations, but I have also found information in many different aquarium books, where the most dominant have been Back To Nature: Malawicichlider and Mergus Akvarieatlas: I also search the Internettet (Google) and I use various forums like Akvariesiden.dk.

The content, generally speaking

Since the content is based on personal experiences, some information can be wrong on some points or describe a uncharacteristic behaviour for some species. This means that the fish actually behaved like described, but as they say: "Your mileage may vary". If you find something you consider wrong, please let me know through a comment or an email and I will research further to correct the error.

Ownership and financial interests

AquaInfo.dk is owned 100% af webmaster and there are no other stakeholders. I maintain the website as a hobby and is basically non-profit. When I have fry or surplus equipment I also maintain a sales list where visitors can see if there is anything of interest to them. Additionally, Aquainfo.dk is also a part of Google's Adsense system, to generate a some revenue to cover operational costs of the site.

All contents on the website Aquainfo.dk belongs to webmaster. All pictures are photographed in my own home, with a few exception where the origin will be clearly stated in the caption. You are not allowed to use articles, texts and images for any purpose whatsoever without previous agreement with me.

Carsten webmaster