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Hule af kokosnød
Hule af kokosnød
Hule af kokosnød

Hule af kokosnød

A coconut will become one or two fine caves in your tank.

Skrevet den 24-05-2021 16:41 af cab

Many fish love caves, for instance Catfish, where you can just see the beard on one of my males, and many species requires some form of a cave to even consider spawning, like for instance Kribensis. Since it not always possible to find a hollow root or build a rock formation in the tank that will give a suitable cave, you must use other methods. The alternatives could be a clay flower pot, a piece of PVC tube or (ta da) half a coconut shell. Myself, I use all three options, but I find that a coconut look natural in the tank, at least more natural than PVC or a flower pot. Here a short instruction on how to get two halves out of a coconut. In Denmark, where I live, we have an old song that describes just how difficult it can be. "Far, jeg kan ikke få hul på kokosnødden…". You probably need to know danish to see the comparison.


You begin with a whole and fresh coconut. You hit on the coconut in a line around the shell where you want it to break. You can decide if you want two similar sized caves or if you want a bigger cave. For similar sized caves you hit around the middle and for the bigger one, you hit approximately one third down the shell. It takes many hits and you must follow the same line, but then it will eventually break.

When the coconut is split in two, you have to dig out the cocos inside. It can be a bit annoying to get it all out, but on the other hand if you like cocos, you can eat it as you go. If you are doing many caves, it starts to taste less delicious after the first few.

When the cocos inside is gone you must take a look to see if there is a natural entrance to the cave. If not, you can make a hole with a sidecutter. Before you can put the cave in to the tank, you must first scald it with boiling water. You can also boil it, but it gives off quite a bit of color which will stain the pot.




Some also saw the coconut in halves and then drill the holes, but I have always used this method myself.


Ca. 5,-


1 coconut


1 hammer
1 side cutter
1 knife